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All Hail Dogan

(in the tune of Danny Boy)

Lyrics By: Mrs. Eva Lois Manning McIlveen

Within these walls, while happy days are fleeting,

Bound close to Thee by ties that e're shall be,

Thy loyal sons and daughters join in greeting,

And pledge our love forever to Thee.

We hail Thy name, our Alma Mater fond and true,

To thy clear call, thy biddings we will do,

Where e're we go, on land or on the ocean blue,

Thy fame shall live on, dear Dogan, we love you.


We'll do our best, no matter what the task may be,

We hail thy name, our Alma Mater true,

And as we strive, united every man to man,

We'll stand, we'll fight, we'll die Dogan for you.

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