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Dogan Alumni Association

Fairfield, Texas

The First Reunion

Recorded by Bobby Cooper

It was in the year of 1977, when Joycie Burns and some other Doganites started reminiscing about dear Old Dogan.

The discussion of a Dogan Reunion originated at Joycie’s house in her kitchen one day. Joycie reported that the following former Dogan students in attendance were: Julius Thomas, Arnesta Green, Betty Jones, Barbara Jones Ellison, Christine Gibson, and Leonard Burns. Joycie Burns was the leader for the 1st Reunion. Joycie and Arnesta worked in the Boyd Plaza Center in Fairfield and they could visit and discuss plans for the reunion on a daily basis. Julius agreed to do the cooking for the reunion. Eugene Johnson served as first Treasurer.

It was decided that the reunion would be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July 1977. Joycie contacted former students who lived in Los Angeles, California. Mack Hunter organized their group and they sent money to help put the reunion together.

Some of the contributors included: Calvin McShan, Eddison McShan, Mack Alvin Hunter, John Terry and Cartelia Bryant. Joycie recalls those who worked together with the first Dogan Reunion: Marva Golden, Christine Gibson, Arnesta Green, Eula Hatcher, Garna Renfro Fantroy, Betty Jones, and others. The first Dogan Reunion activities included: Mrs. Eva Lois McIlveen who was Director for the “Big Broadcast” and also served as Music coordinator for the Sunday Memorial Service. Julius Thomas coordinated the parade. The picnic was held at the Dogan School campus and Julius did the cooking with his Bar-B-Que pit under a tree.

Memories are cherished from a Dogan booklet of pictures from the first reunion collected by Joycie Burns. The first Dogan High School Reunion was very successful and would be the beginning of the “Dogan High School Alumni Association” which is known today as the Dogan Alumni Association

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