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The Board of Directors consists of the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.* The Board of Directors of the Dogan Alumni Association are elected for two-year terms and may serve a maximum of two terms.

Current Board:

President: Billy Betts, Sr.

Vice President: Benny Gabriel

Secretary: Margaret Andy Scott

Assistant Secretary: Regina Small Washington

Treasurer: Jay Johnson

Assistant Treasurer: Glenda Coleman

Parliamentarian: Cynthia Eatmon Bennett

Chaplain: Tony Brackens, Sr.

The Executive Committee designated to work along with the Board of Directors is composed of the elected officers, the immediate past president, chairpersons of standing committees, chapter presidents or representatives of the chapter.**

Current Committee:

Executive Board

Chapter Presidents:

Fairfield: Sherry Andy Brackens

Dallas: Rachel Dancer Harris

Fort Worth: Juanita Eatmon Rischer

Houston: Joyce Ransom Bennett

West Coast:

* By-laws Article II

** By-laws Article III

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