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A Tribute to our Teachers

We've Never Forgotten About You

by Eula Calhoun Allen

We've traveled this whole world over

We've encountered disappointments too.

But dear teachers we want you to know

that we've never forgotten about you.

You taught us the full meaning of receiving an education,

For that reason we stayed in school

we looked forward to graduation.

There were probably times you didn't know

how to cope,but still you never gave up.

You knew there was some hope.

Some of us were mischievous and loved to play games.

You've probably never forgotten the ones

I imagine you can recall the names.

Dear teachers, we want to thank you

for your patience and understanding.

Many times you were tried By some of us who were demanding.

We know it wasn't easy Obstacles got in your way,

But your concern was for every student.

You knew we would be on our own someday.

Teachers, dear teachers, we love you

you’ve toiled down through the years.

We know your work has brought you joy

we also know that there were tears.

Today you can be proud

You've made lawyers, doctors, and teachers

Homemakers, nurses, secretaries, and generals

Thanks be to God, we have some preachers.

Very soon this day will end Once again

we'll say good-bye But we'll never,

never forget the official staff of Dogan High.

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