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The Dallas Chapter was organized in September of 1977 by Mrs. Truscee Preston Polk. She called a few former Alumni and met at the home of Mr. Willie Roy and Mrs. Tommie Nell Titus Canady. Attending members were Truscee Polk, Claudia Mayes Gooden, Marcie McIlveen Booker, Lois Anderson Fantroy, Ceatria Bonner Marian and Dogan Livingston.

Of the alumni present we elected officers, Truscee Polk, Chairperson, Marcie Booker, Co-Chairperson, Dogan Livingston, Co-Chairperson and Lois Fantroy, Secretary.

After this election our first official meeting was held at the Thrash Funeral Chapel two weeks later with as many as eighty (80) alumni in attendance.

We included Frank Banks to our list of officers as Chaplain. All officers served through three reunions, after which Benny Gabriel was elected as President, Alvin Packer, Vice-President and Lou Robinson Brown, Secretary.

In 2000 new officers were elected; Lois Anderson Fantroy, President, Jessie James Carden, Vice-President, Matilda Blair Lewis, Secretary, Ruthie Gabriel, Assistant Secretary, Carolyn Ward Peterson, Financial Secretary, Benny Gabriel, Treasurer and H.C. High, Chaplain.

Officers serving presently are: Billy Betts, Sr., President, Idias Nell Mims, Vice-President, Cynthia Eatmon Bennett, Secretary, Rachel Dancer Harris, Assistant Secretary, Benny Gabriel, Treasurer, H.C. High, Chaplain and Lena Malone Hatcher, Parliamentatian.

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