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The Fairfield Chapter is unique because it is the parent host of the Dogan Alumni Association. It is where we have our humble beginning, we had our school, we have hope, we have dreams for a better tomorrow. All of these were an essential part of our upbringing and our education. Therefore for no other reason than the seeds that were planted at Dogan we can do no less than acknowledge that the Fairfield Chapter holds a place of special interest in the hearts of those who pass through the doors of Dogan.

Fairfield Chapter Officers

1982: Joycie Jones Burns, Chairman; Marva Golden, Secretary; Eula Carter Hatcher, Treasurer.

Committee Chairpersons

Betty Rischer Jones, Registration; Eva L. McIlveen, Big Broadcast; Julius Thomas, Parade; Eula Carter Hatcher, Publicity; Garna Gibson Fantroy, Souvenir Booklet; Christene Burns, Picnic; Verna Preston Neely and Eugene Johnson, T-shirt; Mae Nella Palmore, Memorial

1985 – President, Sherry Andy Brackens; Vice-President, Christine Burns Gibson; Secretary, Marva Golden; Treasurer, Eugene Johnson.

1988 – President, Christine Gibson; Vice-President, Gertrude Green; Secretary, Sherry Brackens; Asst. Secretary, Marva Golden; Treasurer, Eugene Johnson.

1991 – President, Sherry Brackens.

1994 – President, Sherry Brackens.

1997 – President, Sherry Brackens

2000 – President, Joycie Burns.

2003 – President, Leonard G. Burns.

2006 – President, Leonard G. Burns; Vice-President, Annette Potillo; Secretary, Sherry Brackens; Treasurer, Patricia Bowen.

2009 – President, Bobby Cooper; Vice-President, Leonard G. Burns; Secretary, Patricia Bowen; Treasurer, Glenda Coleman.

Present Members:

Ozzie Solomon, Annette Potillo, Johnnie Titus, Martha Jackson, Clara McIlveen, Troy Lee Solomon, Carlton Rischer, Yolonda Gail Reeves, Tyree Gatson, Jr., Wanda Gabriel, Anna Carden Henderson, Clifford Carden, Audrey Coleman, Christine Manning, Vernetta Henry, Bobby Cooper, Lura Fantroy, Lee Earl Johnson, Stephanie Whitfield, Slyvia Gatson, Leonard Burns, Woodrow English, Casandra English, Glenda Coleman, Patricia Bowen, Joycie Burns, Billy J. Burns, Hazel Mayes, Betty Jones, Billy J. Jones, Sherry Brackens, Tony Brackens, Sr., Irene Slaughter, Dorsey Johnson, Elawrence Gabriel, Eula Mae Hatcher, Mary Daniels Fisher, Gertrude Green, Robert Jackson, Wilmer Taylor

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